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Levent Ünver
Duly sworn and appointed interpreter and translator for Turkish/German
State-certified interpreter and translator (engineering & economy)
Member of BDÜ, VÜ, VVU

The roots of today's Turkish Translations & Consulting go back to the year 1976 (Übersetzungsbüro Ünver - Turkish Technical and Specialist Translations). Turkish Translations & Consulting is a professional enterprise dedicated to providing specialist and technical translations and interpreting services. Highly-competent internal and external specialists based in Germany and abroad are directly or indirectly involved in the execution of orders. Turkish is the primary source and target language.

The major specialist fields covered by Turkish Translations & Consulting include engineering and technology, business, commerce and law. Among our established clientele are private firms, chambers of industry and commerce, major corporations as well as manufacturers, publishers, technical inspectorates, government ministries, town councils, hospitals, as well as police, state prosecution and judicial authorities.

The manpower and technical hardware at the disposal of Turkish Translations & Consulting enables us to specialise in tackling highly-demanding translation and interpreting contracts at short notice. Translations of specialist and reference works, statutes, standards, court evidence and submissions, documents, contracts, operating instructions, advertising texts, as well as officially certified translations and simultaneous and consecutive interpreting all form part of our daily work. Nonetheless, our foremost concern is always quality rather than quantity. We adhere to iron principles which demand authentic use of language as well as idiomatic accuracy and precision. Specialist and customer-specific terminology, managed using databases developed in-house, play a more significant role than do conventional dictionaries.

In addition to core translation work, the ongoing contact which Turkish Translations & Consulting maintains with the world of business and commerce in Turkey enable us to offer our customers a comprehensive information service - including market information, advertising consultancy and specialist terminology. State-of-the-art IT and office equipment, including e-mail and internet access, allow us to maintain unbroken contact with practising university-based academics, lawyers, advertising specialists, engineers and journalists in Turkey itself. Thanks to a collaborative relationship of many years standing with the turkologist Prof. Dr. M. Götz, we are also able to accept contracts for linguistic evaluations.

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